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Meet some Korah Kids!

Meet Asrat Messele…

Asrat is 19 and in grade 10. He hopes to become a Psychiatrist when he grows up. He has one sister and one brother, but lives alone. His favorite game is soccer and his favorite food is injera with shiro! He loves the story of David from the Bible and Easter is his favorit holiday. Please consider Asrat for your sponsorship of $39 a month.

Meet Martha…

This young girl is in need of a sponsor! Are you interested? $39 a month will help her receive monthly food rations, the ability to go to school, and health checkups. When in school Martha loves taking math classes! How often do you find a young child that loves math?! Let’s help her continue to grow in her education and watch all the amazing things she is going to accomplish! Also she loves celebrating Easter! Could you think of a better Easter gift for her?!


This handsome young boys name is Yakob, he is seven years old and like any other child he loves to play hide a seek! Yakob’s mom currently goes to the city dump to sort through the trash to try and make money for her family. Your sponsorship will help Yakob go to school, receive regular food rations, and medical check ups. $39 a month will change this child’s life, and you will be a part of that! If you are interested in joining Korah Kids and helping us break the cycle of poverty in Korah please contact us at