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Meet some Korah Kids!

Meet Sisay

Sisay is seven years old and lives with his mother and younger brother. His father has died so his mother is the sole provider for the family and works in a flower factory. However, the wages are low and she struggles to provide sufficient food and housing for herself and her two sons.

Sisay is in grade 1 at school and wants to be a teacher when he grows up. He enjoys playing soccer. His favorite food is rice and he loves drinking juice.

Thanks to the Korah Kids sponsorship program Sisay now has access to a higher level of education, meaning he can progress beyond grade 1 as well as attend the tutorial project provided by Korah Kids. He and his family are also provided with a regular food package and have access to clean water and healthcare.

Meet Tiringo

Tiringo is twelve years old. She lives with her mom and two older sisters. Her mom works as a cleaner and one of her sisters also has a job to help make ends meet.

Tiringo attends school and is in grade 6. Her dream is to be a doctor or an airline hostess when she grows up. She has lots of friends and together they enjoy running around and playing hide and seek! She also enjoys time alone, praying to God.

Thanks to the Korah Kids sponsorship program Tiringo’s future is much brighter. Her level of education has increased and regular access to food, clean water and healthcare is now possible for her and her family.

Meet Behailu

Behailu is fifteen years old. He is the youngest of three children. His father has died but his mother is still alive and tries her best to provide for her family by washing clothes. However, due to money being so tight so Behailu had to drop out of school at grade 6 and go and live on the rubbish dump, spending his days there scavenging for food and anything he could sell to help contribute to his family’s finances.

Thanks to the Korah Kids sponsorship program Behailu’s life is now much better and more stable. He no longer has to scavenge on the dump and has been able to return to school to continue his education, which he was very excited about!