Sponsor a child

A community led resource to child poverty

$39 a month will provide…

  • Food – each child is given a monthly food package for them and the family they are living with.
  • Education – each child is given a uniform, books and stationary and the opportunity to attend the local government school. They will also have access to the supplementary tutorial class run by the project.
  • Healthcare – each child is given an initial check-up and from then on has access to healthcare provision as and when necessary.

In return you will receive…

  • A photo and a profile of your child
  • Updates about their well-being
  • The opportunity to send and receive letters
  • And the knowledge that you are changing a life!

Please consider sponsoring a child in Korah. By partnering with the Korah Misgana Church you can provide for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of these children.

You can help break the cycle of poverty in Korah and make an immeasurable difference to a child’s life.

Sponsors are asked to support a specific child for 3 years. After this time, the circumstances and needs of the child will be reviewed to see if they should continue in the sponsorship program.

A separate program (run in parallel to the child sponsorship program) will be supporting families to become self-reliant.

Sponsor a Child