Meet Our Staff

A community led resource to child poverty

Abera Legesse – Director

Abera has served as Director of Korah Kids for over 5 years. He lives in Korah with his wife, Beletu, four children and his mother. He has worked at Bingham Academy as a language teacher. He has many degrees from Jephthah International College including a PhD in Leadership and Management. “I am really interested in working with KK. It has given me some sort of mental satisfaction to work with children that was the life I passed.”

Aster Abebe – Social Worker & Community Development

Aster has served with Korah Kids for two and a half years. Aster is married and has one child. She earned a BA degree at Rift Valley University. Aster worked at Beza Youth Health & Counselling Centre from 2007 to 2011. “I am working here at Korah Kids Sponsorship Program not because I don’t have alternative, but it has given me satisfaction to work with children.”

Martha Adgo – Accountant

Martha has been with Korah Kids for 6 years. She earned a BA in Accounting from Queen’s College. Martha has held several jobs with children agencies including the Children’s Home Society & Family Service and Save the Children. We are blessed to have her with us at KK. “I am really satisfied working at KK.”

Berhanu Gebre – Security

Berhanu has worked in the position of security for Korah Kids for 3 years. Berhanu has earned his diploma in Leadership and Management from Jephthah International College. Berhanu is not married but has many family living in Korah. “I really enjoy working with the KK staff.”

Helina Tsegaye – Custodian

Helina has been on staff at KK for almost 4 years. She is married and has two children. She is one of seven children and her family lives north in Gondar. ” I also enjoy working with the children and staff at KK.”

Azmeraw Worku – Custodian

Welcome to Azmeraw, who just recently joined the staff as a custodian less than a year ago. Azmeraw was born in Addis Ababa and is currently unmarried. “I am very satisfied working at KK.”