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Ethiopian Easter is May 2 and this year we have an opportunity to help the Korah Kids’ families celebrate in a special way.

The Korah Kids board has accepted the challenge of providing each of the sponsored families as well as the families of some of the 30 yet-to-be-sponsored kids with the gift of a chicken and six eggs for the traditional Easter meal. In addition, Abera Legesse, who administers the program in Addis Ababa, wants to be able to share an Easter celebration meal and the showing of the “Jesus” film in Amharic with the families.

The cost of a chicken and six eggs as well as a contribution toward the Easter celebration is $15 per family. To make this possible, the board is asking each of the sponsors to give $15 this month in addition to the $39 they are already giving. But additional funds will be needed to make sure all the families are covered. So we are asking members of the congregation who are not sponsoring children to make a contribution as well.

To make this even more important at this time is that the cost of food has increased dramatically as a result of COVID. For example, the cost of teff, a staple grain, has doubled in the last year.

The members of the Korah Kids board, officially the Third Strand Board, Melissa Perier, Annie Matlow, Sherridan Poffenroth, Tina Liggett, McKenzie Wade, Deanna Wade and Steve Peters, are asking others to make a donation toward this project.

You can make a gift by using the Online Giving button on,  by mailing a check designated for Korah Kids to North Addison Baptist Church, 6120 N. Addison St, Spokane, WA 99208 or by making your gift at a Sunday service. Gifts need to be made by April 10.

Korah Kids needs your help!

Get Involved

Please consider supporting Korah Kids. Be a part of breaking the cycle of poverty in Korah and making an immeasurable difference to children’s lives.

  • Without your support these children are in danger of disease, extreme hunger and death.
  • Without your support these children cannot access the education they need to escape the cycle of poverty into which they have been born.
  • WITH your support these children will have a better and brighter future.
There are a number of different ways you can get involved:
  • Sponsor a child
  • Give a one-off donation
  • Give a regular donation (either monthly or annually- this is needed to cover the staff salaries and overheads)
  • Donate clothes – hold a suitcase appeal!
  • Pray
  • Spread the word!

Join forces to sponsor a child. If $39 a month is unaffordable to you, consider clubbing together with friends, family or colleagues to split the cost.

Please consider supporting Korah Kids. Be a part of breaking the cycle of poverty in Korah and making an immeasurable difference to children’s lives.


Fundraising Ideas

We’ve thought of a few ways to get you started…
  • Hold a bake sale/ book sale
  • Organize a clothes swap. Charge entry. Do a presentation about Korah Kids. Raise awareness and money at once. Boom!
  • Get sponsored to run a marathon, walk or swim a long way, do aerobics or dance for a really long time.
  • Organize a bad tie day/ bad hair day at work. Charge people for the privilege.
  • Organize a treasure hunt… walking or driving. Each team pays a fee to enter.